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May Mail

We’re big believers in making life’s everyday moments magical, from jotting down groceries to planning your next vacay. Our May Mail is created to delight and add a touch of whimsy to your daily adventures!

Each kit will be exclusively designed with all our favorite products, inspiring you to plan, dream and live your best life! May Mail will contain two notebooks, a greeting card, a writing utensil and a special pick of the month item.

  • 2 - 4.33" x 8.25" Notebooks
    • Winter Pattern Notebook: 40 lined pages
    • Making Spirits Bright Notebook: 40 pages (1 intro page, 4 calendar pages, 1 intention page, 1 reflection page, 5 gift list pages, 6 holiday recipes pages, 1 wish list page, 1 bucket list page, 4 addresses pages, 16 lined pages)
  • 1 - Specialty Pen
  • 1 - Silver Washi
  • 2 - 4x6 Sticker Sheets

Order by November 23rd at 11:59 AM ET to receive this month's May Mail.

*Free Shipping! *Small $6.00 handling fee for international shipping
  • About May Mail+
    • All new May Mail contents are revealed on the 23rd of each month (mark your calendars!) You will then be able to add on to your box until 11:59PM ET on the 24th of the month.
    • Each kit will contain two travel size notebooks, one writing tool, one greeting card with custom envelope, and Mica May's pick of the month.
    • May Mail begins shipping to subscribers on the 25th of each month, or following business day.
    • Subscribers will be charged for their first May Mail kit at the time of purchase. After that, charges are made on the 25th of each month.
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